Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Photo: Herdsmen and cows spotted inside University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus

Below is what Jeff Unaegbu who shared the photo wrote:

"Today. Some Fulani cattle herdsmen were spotted inside the University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus, looking for grass for their cows to graze. They were spotted near the perimeter fence housing the Fidelity Bank PLC, UNN Branch and also near the desuetude Miriam Babangida Auditorium.

The security personnel at one of the University Gates close-by were quickly alerted to the subtle danger of experienced espionage and reconnaissance hidden in such idle roaming for grass, especially in a gentle learning environment with thousands of students and staff members sleeping habitually and freely at night. Fortunately, the Fulani were quickly advised to take their cows off the campus..., but, very tactfully. I hope they got the message. You can see how the obviously intelligent Fulani hid himself away from the camera's eye view. I love cow meat. But we are in bad times. Honestly, we are in bad times.... We are used to crying when something bad suddenly happens. But, honestly, nothing just happens.

There is always the long period of gestation in the background. Are you intelligent enough to know the gestation period of many dangers around you? That is the million-Dollar question for many of us in Nigeria...."

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