Tuesday, 19 April 2016

4 Factors That Can Kill Your Blogging Career

1. Slow Websites

The common saying “patience is a virtue” does not apply online when it comes to surfing the web. I can say it’s quite the opposite. To keep readers on your blog, the speed of your pages is very important.

A slow website will result your loss of conversions from visitors who are currently on your site,this in turn results in loss of potential readers and fans, some factors which can make your website slow include:

● Unoptimised pages
● Uncompressed https
● Javascript issues
● Website layout (this is very important because visitors mainly scan through the contents rather than read them)
● Too much flash etc.

In 2010 Google added site speed to the list of parameters for determining site rankings, now the speed at which someone could view the content from a search result would be a factor. This boost your site SEO and ranking which definitely increases conversion rates and more clicks.

A slow website will not be able to achieve good google ranking and SEO conversion.

2. Web Hosting plan

Actually, your hosting account depends on the price you are ready to pay. The truth is a cheap hosting account could lead to low pagespeed performances. As seen today, a blog starts with little or no traffic and gradually begin to have very large traffic. It is important to know when to upgrade a shared hosting plan or migrate to a virtual server. Having the right hosting account and company to power your blog will ensure you maximum uptime and vice versa.

3. Uninteresting Content

Many bloggers spend most of their time making their homepage interesting and the rest pages uninteresting. According to Forrester Research , in 2012, 54% of internet users found websites/blogs through search engine results, 32 percent through social networks, and 28 percent said that they found websites through links from other websites, so your homepage visits will reduce.

Homepages are not a blog’s main entry point anymore. It is vital to note that articles, blog posts or any other content that you add on your blog is also attracting traffic, which means every post should be interesting. Always use words everyone can relate to when posting, this makes your content more interesting and relatable.

4. Inactive Blog

Much traffic to your blog will reduce when readers find only old, outdated information and no new posts. If they have nothing new to read, do you think they will visit again? The answer is NO It is very important to have at least a juicy post on a daily basis.

It’s also important to maintain a balance between posting too much and not posting at all. Posting less frequently will make your readers lose touch with your blog. It is much easier to keep a loyal reader base when they have got information to read about each time they visit your blog. A reader’s intention of visiting your blog is not to look at the design or layout, but rather it is to find the solution and get informed.

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