Monday, 2 May 2016

Kaffy’s Husband Message To Her Causes Commotion On Instagram Lolss

Where are you guys o, chai a lot is going on, on John Ameh’s instagram page, lol. Aswear people have no chill at all or was it that John popularly referred to as Papi celebrated his wife at the wrong time? Mine oh mine!

So Papi took to his IG page this morning to praise Kaffy saying she is the only woman in the world who tolerates his BS (bullsh*t) and will go to any length just for him. SEE HERE

He said so many sweet words, and that’s how some of his followers got angry saying praising his woman at this time is wrong and simply shows he was mocking the Baloguns (Tiwa and her husband).

So they then wished them evil by saying they will soon divorce and so on and Papi came back to reply them. All the messages after the cut. People need to really chill o, lol.
His initial IG post’

“When you talk about a virtues woman this is exactly who you are referring to. Words cannot explain how much you mean to me, the only woman in the world that can tolerate all my BS and still call me baby with all the love in your eyes. I won’t be where I am if you didn’t kill yourself to make sure my dreams come to life. I celebrate you, I thank YHVH for giving you to me because you are a gift from above. Look at the two adorable Lil J and Lil hoodie k that you gave me. The way they are growing up fast and beautiful is just a reflection of how you are. Like I said before, words have failed me at this point… I love you to death and I appreciate every day that you bear my name…

Replying haters….

Hi haters I’m sorry but she’s mine, if you got it flaunt it and this woman right here is worth more than a G6 or a Bugatti so why not flaunt her… If you don’t have love in your life all I can do is pray that you find it else you are totally ignorant to my knowledge of its power… He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor from the Lord… Keep hating, it makes us stronger, keep wishing us evil, YHVH is our protection, I said I do in public so f*** What you think cos Ama sing to the world how much I love you babiii initial @kaffydance you rock jare…
He further wrote this when some fans queried him for indirectly mocking the Baloguns.
About mocking the baloguns;

For those who say I’m shading the Balogun’s I’m sorry for your foolishness… I love them both cos they are true friends of my family and they are going through a rough path… That doesn’t stop me from celebrating my home. My son is growing bigger and smarter everyday and there’s no greater feeling than having this adorable young man look up to me as he’s hero and always wants to be in his own words *fresh like daddy * especially after every hair cut, lol… Baba God na treasure you just pack give me as I am not entirely worthy of it but na your way be that. Who God has blessed no man can curse…

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