Monday, 2 May 2016

Catholic Threat: Ekiti Ignores Church, Shuts Down 7 Schools

After the Catholic Church warned Ekiti State Governor that it won’t pay the compulsory Education Development Levy because the Government has been of no help to them, and they had managed their schools (15 primary and 7 secondary schools in Ekiti) single handedly for many years. They told the Governor to exclude their schools or else they would meet in court, but the Governor has ignored their ‘threat’ and has shut down 7 of their schools at the moment. Keeping to their words, they have dragged the Government to court.
While breaking the news in Ado Ekiti, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ekiti, Most Rev. Felix Ajakaye, accused the state government of being insensitive, especially shutting the schools when pupils were preparing for their National Examination Council examinations
“I am concerned about the propriety of imposing any development levy on pupils in Catholic mission schools in Ekiti State, moreover when our schools are paying various levies and taxes demanded by the local and state governments respectively.
“The closure of the schools is painful to me. The pupils are preparing to sit for exams and the government is closing down their schools. This is insensitivity,” Ajakaye said.

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