Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I Need Serious Help!! My Husband Stuffs Tissue Inside My Pu**y When He Makes Love To Me

Sometime last year when we where dating, he use to tell me that am too open and my pu.ssy is so wide. He kept complaining.

Sometimes he ask me to put my fingers in while he puts his di.ck to make it tight , sometimes he uses a coke or Fanta bottle to put inside while he puts in his d.ick , until I started feeling pains and getting bruised, so we stopped .

When we got married , he started using tissue, he will stuff a roll of tissue inside of me before he penetrates me. I was not finding it funny , but I wanted to satisfy him .

Each time I urinate, particles of tissue come out, because they melt in my system .

Am so so scared , is there any other alternative???

Apart from tissue what else can I use to wage my p.ussy to make it tight for my husband ?

Please I need your help..

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