Thursday, 21 April 2016

Don’t Kill Our Future “Michael Otedola College of Education (MOCPED)” Graduates Cries Out

We received a Mail from the Aggrieved students, Read below:-

We are graduates of the 2010/2011 set from Ekiti State University, and affiliated with Michael Otedola College of Education (MOCPED), Noforija in Epe, Lagos State.

We officially graduated on May 2015. We were due for youth service by November 2015 or probably 2016 first batch but the school management kept spinning yarns about the main campus’ delaying, telling us that it would preclude our joining the 2016 first batch.

We consulted the main campus and there it was revealed that MOCPED is owing them a large amount of money and as such, they would not clear us for NYSC and certification.

The question we are asking today is, why?

We have paid our school fees. We do not owe the school. Our school has always been ruled on the principle of ‘no payment of school fees, no sitting for examinations.’ Why then are we being mistreated and punished so?

We want the world to read and hear this. This is what is happening; please deliver our future from them. Deliver us from the management of MOCPED, or else this matter will result in all-out riots.

We say #ReleaseOurResultEKSUMOCPED

We want the members of the public to help us!!

Drop your comments Nigerians.

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