Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Breivik Wins 'Degrading Treatment' Lawsuit

Norway violated laws banning inhuman and degrading treatment in its imprisonment of mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, a court has ruled.

The decision gave the right-wing extremist a partial victory after he sued the state over his prison conditions since he was jailed for killing 77 people in a 2011 massacre.

The ruling also said Norway had not violated Breivik's right to a private and family life - but ordered the state to pay his £28,000 (331,000NOK) legal bill.

Breivik, 37, had claimed that being kept in isolation throughout his imprisonment amounted to a breach of the article in the European Convention on Human Rights prohibiting inhuman and degrading treatment.

                                       A memorial service on Utoya island, where Breivik killed 69 people

He also complained about prison food, excessive use of handcuffs, repeated strip searches and being woken up during the night.

Although he has the run of three cells and access to a television and games console, Breivik claimed the state had been "trying to kill me for five years" with his solitary confinement.

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